Cake Tins and Storage Tins

During the early part of the 20th century, tins were used to protect the contents, particularly food (usually chocolates, sweets or biscuits) and to present the goods in a highly decorated manner. These tins in themselves became very desirable and collectable.

In modern times tins are still used to protect but are also used for specific reasons such as Biscuit Barrels, Cookie Jars, Tea Caddies and other Storage Caddies for spaghetti, flour, sugar, coffee, kiddies treats, the favourite titbit for your cat or dog. The larger tins can be used for keeping cakes fresh or parts of cakes. Everyone should have the bits and bobs tin somewhere to keep the needle and thread the odd button or pens and pencils.

Keep your Trinkets safe in style with this wonderful selection of Tins, for use in the kitchen or around the home.