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What the Tamiya Brand Has to Offer

Whether you are an avid model enthusiast or a novice captivated by the intricacies of these replicas, Tamiya has something for you. This Japanese brand creates all kinds of vehicles in outstanding detail.  Tamiya also offers a line of paints and modelling tools, which are designed specifically for use with their products. Here are some of Tamiya's most popular products:

  • Tamiya Model Kits: Tamiya's model kits never disappoint in terms of quality. Each product comes with detailed instructions to aid you in your build, and before long, you'll have your very own scale replica. Take your pick from Tamiya cars, motorcycles, and aircraft, many of which come in several scales.

  • Tamiya Aircraft: Aircraft models are a top seller for Tamiya. Their selection includes several types of planes, and we stock models with a scale of 1:48. Coupled with Tamiya's paints and tools, your finished aircraft will look like a miniature version of the real thing.

  • Tamiya Military Vehicles: Are you interested in military history? Tamiya's military vehicle models were made for you. Their products range from World War II tanks to modern jeeps. With Tamiya, you can recreate history right on your tabletop! Our inventory includes the models themselves as well as accessories.

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    Tamiya's line of motorcycle models, aircraft replicas, and high-quality cars has inspired generations of people. Whether model building is one of your favourite hobbies or you simply want to create a piece of memorabilia to add to your shelves, a Tamiya product is the perfect choice. Visit World Wide Shopping Mall or contact us to start shopping some of their top sellers.

    • Who are Tamiya?

      Tamiya are a Japanese manufacturer of plastic model kits, radio controlled cars, sailboats, bicycles, and motorcycles. The company was founded in 1946 by Yoshio Tamiya in Shizuoka, Japan. Tamiya's primary product lines are plastic model kits of various categories, including cars, trucks, military vehicles, robots, and aircraft. The company has also produced a line of electric off-road cars known as the XB Series, which are popular among both children and adults.

    • What is the oldest Tamiya model?

      Since Tamiya began producing model kits in 1948, the brand has released dozens of products at various scales. Their very first all-plastic kit came out in May of 1960 and depicted a Yamato battleship at a 1:800 scale.

    • Do Tamiya models need glue?

      Most Tamiya models require glue for assembly. The brand recommends using their own specialised cement for adhering the small pieces to one another.

    • Does Tamiya paint need thinning?

      Tamiya paint needs thinning for most applications, particularly for airbrushing. Thinning the paint improves its flow and creates a more uniform coat. When you purchase a Tamiya aircraft model, you may want to also buy the brand's paint thinner for best results.

    • Do you need to prime Tamiya models?

      Priming Tamiya models is strongly advised. A proper coat of primer helps paint better adhere to the surface and create a smoother finish. Don't skip the priming step if you plan to handle the finished model frequently or may subject it to significant wear and tear.

    • Are Tamiya models hard to build?

      Purchasing a modelling kit for yourself or a loved one is a challenge. After all, there's a wide variety of products on the market, and you want to make sure you get something memorable. Take a look at these frequently asked questions as you decide which Tamiya model kit to buy.

    • What is the ratio to mix Tamiya paint?

      When you bring home your Tamiya military vehicle, don't forget the paint! Paint ratios will depend on the application method and effect you're looking for. Usually, it's safe to use two parts paint and one part thinner on your model. Starting with a smaller amount of paint thinner is a good idea to reach the desired consistency.

    • How long should I let Tamiya paint dry before the clear coat?

      Dry times may vary based on the application method and the environment around the completed model. Typically, Tamiya recommends drying for at least 24 hours before applying an additional coat.

    • How long does Tamiya plastic cement take to cure?

      Wait at least 24 hours for Tamiya's plastic cement to fully cure. Keep in mind that dry time may vary based on the thickness of the cement and the atmospheric conditions.

    • Can you use Tamiya on resin?

      Tamiya acrylic paints are usable on resin. Before you apply the first coat, be sure to clean and prime the resin model for the best adhesion and finish.