Solgar, the gold standard in food supplements

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You will be impressed at the range that Solgar has to offer. They have hundreds of products that range from the basic vitamins and minerals through high performance food supplements and probiotics. With such a vast selection to choose from we have pulled out some of our most popular sections including herbal remedies, vitamins and their top range 'Gold Specifics'.

Solgar’s unwavering commitment to health and wellness is seen in every product they manufacture. For decades, the Solgar brand has been known for a philosophy that champions holistic well-being, driving the formulation of a product that speaks to vitality and longevity. With an emphasis on premium-quality ingredients and rigorous research and development, Solgar is committed to offering reliable and premium supplements and vitamins. Each vitamin, mineral, and gut health aid is created to foster and maintain optimal health. Solgar products stand at the forefront of their industry, delivering wellness solutions that are as genuine as they are innovative. Here is a closer look at the products Solgar offers, including:

  • Discover Solar Vitamins and Solgar MultivitaminsSolgar vitamins and multivitamins are essential to any daily wellness routine. Each vitamin is tailored to address different health needs, and Solgar offers a variety of vitamins and multivitamins to help you maintain your good health. Adding Solgar vitamins into your daily routine can offer several benefits, such as improved immunity, enhanced energy levels, and better overall health.
  • Explore Specialised Solgar SupplementsIn addition to vitamins and multivitamins, Solgar boasts a wide range of specialised supplements, including gut health supplements. These supplements are specifically designed to support your digestive well-being and overall health. Adding these supplements to your daily routine can help you maintain a healthy gut, which is important for your overall health.

Plants and flower extracts have been used for thousands of years to help with minor ailments and prevention - so why change anything now? Solgar's herbal range is developed through a unique process that combines this traditional herbalism with modern techniques that result in a high potency, premium extract. The herbal range is easy to spot thanks to the green bottle and labelling.

Vitamins and Solgar minerals are important to all of us so maintain the balance through a good diet and supplements can be quite beneficial. You can find vitamins in many foods including meat and vegetables but our modern busy lifestyles occasionally stop us from taking in all the goodness our body needs; that's where these supplements come in. Here you will find all the common ones including A, B, C, D and K.

  • Why choose Solgar?

    Solgar are one of the leading manufacturers in vitamins and nutritional supplements. Since 1947 their extensive research has kept them at the leading edge of the market, delivering high quality and well sourced products to their customers.

  • Are Solgar Multivitamins Effective for Daily Use?

    Yes, Solgar multivitamins are highly effective for daily use. They are specifically formulated to cater to daily nutritional requirements. Taking multivitamins regularly can help in covering nutritional gaps. This steady supplementation can aid in maintaining energy levels, supporting immune function, and promoting overall health.

  • How Do Solgar Gut Health Supplements Work?

    Specifically crafted for gut health, Solgar’s supplements support a balanced microbiome by providing nutrients and probiotics that help maintain a healthy digestive system and promote proper gastrointestinal function.

  • What Are the Most Popular Solgar Supplements?

    Among their extensive range of supplements, some of the most sought-after supplements include their Full Spectrum Omega, Ester-C Plus Vitamin C, and Magnesium Citrate.

  • Are There Any Specific Solgar Supplements for Digestive Health?

    Absolutely, among them, the Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus is a stand out. It’s a probiotic supplement with a high-potency formula that aids in creating a healthy intestinal environment. Another notable option is Solgar’s Digestive Enzymes, a blend that helps break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, easing digestion and enhancing nutrient absorption.

  • What Are the Key Benefits of Solgar Vitamins?

    Solgar vitamins support overall vitality, fill nutritional gaps in your diet, and enhance your well-being. They provide essential nutrients your body needs for several functions, including bolstering the immune system, improving skin health, and supporting bone density. With Solgar vitamins, you can support your body with the utmost confidence and take steps towards maintaining your health and wellness.

  • What Makes Solgar Supplements Unique?

    Solgar supplements stand out for their high-quality ingredients, thorough research and development process, and commitment to strict quality control standards. This dedication ensures each product’s efficacy and purity.

  • Can Solgar Vitamins Be Taken by All Age Groups?

    Solgar vitamins cater to various nutritional needs across different age groups. However, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider before starting any supplement, particularly for children, pregnant or nursing mothers, and the elderly.

  • How to Choose the Right Solgar Vitamin for My Needs?

    Solgar offers a wide range of vitamins, each tailored for different needs. To ensure you choose the right option, consider your diet, lifestyle, and specific health conditions. Are you looking to improve your energy levels? Do you need support with bone health or immune function? Once you’ve identified your goals, you can narrow down your choices. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider.

  • Are Solgar Products Suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

    Many Solgar products are suitable for vegetarians or vegans, though it’s important to check the label for specific product certifications to ensure they meet your dietary preferences.