Our Range of Schleich Toys & Figures at WWSM

Trek through the savanna, go on a safari, and experience thrilling adventures. Explore the jungle, spend a day on the farm, or take a journey back to dinosaur times, all without leaving the comfort of home—the world is your oyster with Schleich animals! At World Wide Shopping Mall, we're excited to carry many of the brand's most popular collections. Learn more about these favourites:

  • Schleich Horses: Is your child enchanted by horses? Give the gift of a Schleich horse! These figurines come separately or as a set, including trailers, animal care supplies, and feeding sets. Schleich horse toys make it possible to imagine every aspect of caring for your very own animal.
  • Schleich Dinosaurs: Perhaps horses aren't for you, but you've always been intrigued by dinosaurs. Schleich dinosaurs bring prehistory to life, depicting giants like the brontosaurus, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Schleich Farm Animals: Experience farm life with Schleich! Schleich's farm animal collection includes classics like cows, pigs, and goats and features friends like cats and dogs. Choose from an adorable bichon frise, a classic ragdoll cat, or a fluffy rabbit.
    • What age are Schleich animals for?

      Schleich's farm animals, as well as their other collections, are made for ages three and up.

    • Are Schleich animals worth it?

      Schleich horses and their other figurines may be more expensive than other plastic animals on the market, but they make up for the cost in their quality, detail, and longevity. Collectors across the world say Schleich animals are worth the investment.

    • Can Schleich toys go in the water?

      We don't recommend submerging Schleich toys in water. Many have hair that won't stand up well to water. However, the brand does suggest cleaning your figures with clear water and mild detergent.

    • Are all Schleich animals hand-painted?

      Nearly all Schleich animals are 100% hand painted. The exception is their giraffe figurines, which require pad-printing to perfect their trademark brown spots.

    • What was the first Schleich toy?

      Schleich's first toy was released in 1946 after years of development. These toys were a collection of bendy figures assembled from wire, wood, and velvet.

    • Do adults collect Schleich?

      Lots of adults collect toys from Schleich! These figurines are more than just child's play—they're detailed representations of memories, hobbies, and more.

    • Is Schleich a collectible?

      Schleich figurines are sought-after as collectables by people of all ages.

    • What is the most common Schleich horse?

      According to Happy Hen Toys, the top-selling Schleich horse in 2021 was the Sorraia Mustang Stallion.

    • How can you tell if Schleich is real?

      Today, copycat brands have run rampant, especially in the toy-making industry. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to tell whether your Schleich animal is genuine. Each product will have a Schleich stamp on the bottom. If you notice any flaws in the quality of your figure, such as noticeable seam lines and cracks in the paint, you can assume it's not a real Schleich.

    • How many horses has Schleich made?

      According to Maziply Toys, Schleich has released 61 types of horse figurines over the years. In these product lines, 31 different breeds and seven types of horses were depicted. The mare is the most common type of horse produced.