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We proudly stock aircraft model kits from some of the top brands in the space. Each of these items is hand-selected for quality, and you're sure to get hours of enjoyment out of each kit. Here's what to expect from our bestselling brands:

  • Revell Model Kits: Take on the open road, skies, and even outer space with a Revell model kit! This brand is a market leader throughout Europe and recently became a top supplier of remote-controlled toys. Revell models come in a variety of scales, and the range of vehicles means there's something for everyone.
  • Tamiya Model Kits: Tamiya model kits bring military history to life. Choose from life-like aircraft, military vehicles, ships, tanks, and soldier figurines. Since 1948, the brand has produced over 3000 unique items, all with the durability and detail customers have come to expect from Tamiya.
  • Airfix Model Kits: Airfix is a staple in the model-building world, known for true-to-life military vehicles, aircraft, and military figures. In addition to traditional models, the brand also creates finely detailed dioramas and airfield sets. An Airfix model kit makes the perfect gift for the history lover in your life!
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    Whether you're a novice model builder or you've assembled numerous replicas in your day, it's normal to have questions about the leading brands in the industry. We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below. Find the answers you're looking for here:

    • Is building model kits a good hobby?

      Building model kits is an excellent hobby for those who enjoy working with their hands and have a penchant for transportation history. No matter the model kit you choose, there's something satisfying about watching hundreds of dissembled pieces turn into a detailed replica. Perhaps one of the biggest draws to modelling is kits geared to all skill levels. Both beginners and experienced model builders will be able to challenge themselves and improve their techniques.

    • What are the difficulty ratings for model car kits?

      Model car kits often come with a difficulty rating, which indicates the skill it takes to assemble the model. Level 1 kits tend to be for beginners, while Level 4 and above are usually for very experienced builders.

    • Are Airfix models hard?

      Airfix sells Starter sets that work well for beginners. While many of their products are difficult to assemble, you can find something for any skill level.

    • What is the oldest Airfix kit?

      Airfix identifies 1952's Golden Hind as their first 'true' kit.

    • What can I do with old Airfix models?

      Some old model airplane kits sell for more than their original purchase price. If you prefer not to sell an old model, consider refurbishing it with a new coat of paint.

    • Can you play with model kits?

      Most model kits are designed to be displayed once they are completed. Think of them as more of an ornament. However, every kit is different, and some products may be more akin to toys.

    • Are Revell models better than Airfix?

      Both Revell and Airfix are known for exceptional models, but depending on your expectations, you may prefer one over the other. Revell model kits are usually described as easier to assemble than Airfix. On the other hand, many Airfix models have more intricate details. Neither is better than the other, but one brand may be best suited to your wants and needs.

    • Is Airfix a British company?

      Airfix is a British brand founded by Nicholas Kove, a Hungarian businessman.

    • What age are Airfix models for?

      Every Airfix model has a different skill rating and, thus, is geared toward modellers of different ages. Quickbuild kits are suitable for children as young as ten years.

    • Should I paint my Airfix models before assembling?

      Most surfaces need to be free of paint for glue to stick to the plastic, so it's best to save painting for the end of the building process. However, some builders recommend painting very small pieces beforehand so you don't miss a spot.