Peppa Pig

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We just adore Peppa Pig. She’s everything we love about a character, pink, cute, a little bit plump, loves jumping in puddles and laughing and is a real family girl.

Her close family consists of Mummy Pig, the practical one of the group, who is lucky enough to be able to work from home on her computer which means she can still keep an eye on the kids, Peppa and George her little brother. It’s a good job she can as they are only aged 5 and 18 months so she really has her hands full. George loves Peppa very much and enjoys playing with her and his toy dinosaur which he takes literally everywhere with him – in fact that’s all he can say ‘Dine-saw’! Daddy Pig is the biggest one of them all and laughs and laughs. He has a beard which tickles Peppa when they have a cuddle and makes her laugh too. It is very comfy to sit on his knee as he has a very large tummy – as a result of eating too much pumpkin pie, which is his favourite, and Peppa cheekily teases him about his round tum. Daddy Pig likes to read his paper, when he can find his glasses that is, and also enjoys driving his red car or the adventure buggy. In addition she has an Uncle and Auntie Pig and cousins Alexander and Chloe.