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Grilling is an important part of cooking keeping the fat content down but Griddling is another important step.

So What is Griddling? Griddling is basically a cooking method using dry-heat on a solid cooking surface and little or no fat. Of course Grilling and griddling can be done in Grill Pans Griddles, or Skillets additionally the Lids do help to reduce cooking times.

Cast iron is an old manufacturing material but perfectly in line with modern-day cooking styles sauté, sear, dry fry, fry and bake they are all suitable for the medieval cast iron particularly so when performing as a griddle.

Griddling is a form of grilling and can be done in a small round skillet or a bigger round or square grill pan/skillet with handles, the larger square grill pan has drainage channels to drain away any excess fat, and there is a range of skillets from large to small varying depths too, for the bigger servings there is the griddle-type plate in the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle reversible smooth or ribbed ideally suited to larger breakfast setting as it is designed to fit over two stovetop burners good for the big family get together. Good for induction tops cast iron although an old material is perfectly suited to modern usage and for the manufacture of Grill Pans and Skillets and Lids. Cast iron is so robust that it is less likely to be damaged by overheating.