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Ovenware Baking & Roasting Dishes, Loaf Pans and Pizza Stones






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Dishes suitable for home baking used straight from the oven come in various manufactured materials light metal or heavy metal oven-safe ceramic or glass most can be used as presentation ware for the table (but served on a mat) or when cool chilled in the fridge or stored n the freezer.

Inspired by the Botanic Garden motifs designed by Susan Williams-Ellis in the 1970s, Portmeirion produces others in a complementing range of oven-safe Botanic Garden Harmony pieces, there are large and small Porcelain Loaf Bread Pans and a choice of shallow and deep rectangular porcelain dishes ready for the kitchen or the dining table (on a heatproof mat) with a round baking dish with handles.

Eddingtons produce a traditional Rectangular Ceramic Pizza Stone to give that authentic pizza parlour-cooked finish to your pizza the item comes complete with Serving Rack.