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There is a Vileda Mop for just about any circumstance and for each type there is perhaps a distinct way of using it to get the best results. Quite often the best way is to use the minimum amount of water to clean the floor this can be due to several reasons as wooden floors can be damaged overuse of water, once the water with its detergent has done its work you have the task of removing the excess water (often the hardest job) so the first thought might be which mop?






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Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop System MOP ONLY
£25.83 (ex. VAT)
Vileda Active Max COMPLETE MOP
£13.33 (ex. VAT)
Vileda Active Max Mop REFILL ONLY
£7.49 (ex. VAT)
Vileda Easy Twist Flat COMPLETE MOP
£17.49 (ex. VAT)
Vileda Easy Twist REFILL ONLY
£6.66 (ex. VAT)
Vileda Magic Mop with FLAT Sponge
£14.99 (ex. VAT)
Vileda SuperMocio Microfibre String Mop
£10.83 (ex. VAT)

Different Types of Mops for Every Surface

For less durable floors, wood and laminate the minimum water would be the Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop System which holds the water/cleaning fluid in the handle shaft . On the handle, there is a lever to pump the liquid out in front of the mop head and you would only do this at the required amount to remove any staining, a simple efficient job particularly suitable for wood and laminate, a spare refill is available for this model.

The Vileda Magic Mop with a push-pull wringing system is the new age of floor washing the absorbent mop head has a non-scratch section for stubborn stains ideal for those with vinyl or tiled floors. You'll not need a bucket and wringer as the mop head can be detached and replaced with minimal effort it has a wringing system built-in.

The Vileda Active Max is another Mop for the reduced water type, good for wood and laminate it has Microfibre technology, Cotton fibres and a telescopic broom handle for easy storage, for best results spray with a water detergent mix and effortlessly use the mop to take the liquid up removing the stains with it, a spare refill is available for this model.

The Vileda Easy Twist has a unique twisting action to wring out the mop after the washing cycle a spare refill is available for this model.

The Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo Mop & Bucket Set with its foot-operated fast spinning action uses centrifugal force to dry out the mop. For use on larger areas of flooring suitable for stone, tiles, and vinyl. Use well-spun for wood and laminate, a spare refill is available for this model.

Vileda Magic Mop with Flat Head is the everyday choice for clean floors. It can be used from a bucket or bowl and the push-pull wringing system non-scratch scrubber makes it easy to use.

The Vileda SuperMocio COMPACT 3 Action Mop & Bucket Set is the final offering in mops available as a set coming complete with a general-purpose heavier duty 3 Action Mop the shaft is telescopic for easy storage, the BUNDLE SET is available separately as Torsion Power Bucket & Wringer with its unique wringer design and 3 Action Mop with free refill and as a separate refill.

There are alternative mops such as the Vileda Supermocio Microfibre & Power Mop using Microfibre technology for improved cleaning performance, excellent for greasy dirt and stubborn stains.

The more traditional SuperMocio string mop is not just an old design but it uses new technology to combine Microfibre and Cotton using the standard SuperMocio fitting. The SuperMocio Soft Mop with 30% extra microfibres completes the offer available as a complete mop with a spare refill or just as a refill.