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Whether its Revell model kits or Academy model kits, we offer a wide range of choices to suit everyone. Our range of plastic model kits is a favourite among hobbyists, providing the hands-on experience of assembling various models from scratch. For enthusiasts of historical replicas, our scale model kits offer the thrill of recreating famous Pre-1945 and Post-1945 Military Aircraft, ships, and military vehicles with astounding accuracy. Learn more about our selection of modelling kits:

The Right Model Kit for Your Skill Level

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced hobbyist, we have options to suit your interests. Simple snap-together kits are great for beginners, providing an enjoyable, low-stress introduction. Advanced model makers prefer intricate scale models, offering a satisfying challenge. Model-making appeals to various ages, developing skills and providing a creative outlet or nostalgic connection.

Key Features of Our Modelling Kits

Our model kits are known for their meticulous attention to detail. Each piece, whether it's from an Airfix model kit or a Tamiya model kit is designed with precision and care. This level of detail enhances the building process and adds educational value. Every aspect is crafted to closely mirror the original which provides a rewarding building experience and serves as an excellent educational tool to understand the inner workings of machines and structures.

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  • How Do You Choose the Right Model Kit for Your Skill Level?

    Choosing the right modelling kit for your skill level involves understanding the complexity of the kit and your familiarity with the tools and techniques needed. Beginners might go for a more straightforward kit with fewer parts and clear instructions, while more experienced buildings might seek the challenge of intricate, highly detailed kits.

  • Why are Airfix Kits so Popular Among Model Makers?

    Airfix kits have long been a favourite among model makers for their high-quality moulding, detailed designs, and extensive range of subjects. They offer kits perfect for all skill levels and have a reputation for accuracy and reliability.

  • What Variety of Model Kits Are Available?

    When it comes to model kits, there’s a wide variety to suit different interests and preferences. Plastic scale model kits are popular, offering a range of subjects, including vehicles, aircraft, and figures. Model trains have a dedicated following, with several options available for building detailed railway layouts. Wooden model kits appeal to those seeking traditional craftsmanship and include replicas of ships, buildings, and historical artefacts. With trusted brands like Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, and Nunu, you can find the perfect kit for your passion. Each brand caters to different levels of detail and complexity, accommodating model makers of all skill levels.

  • What Makes Airfix Models Unique in Model Making?

    Airfix has a rich heritage and is renowned for its historical accuracy and attention to detail. They continually update their moulds and utilise advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure a precise fit of their parts. Airfix also offers innovative features like quick-build kits that require no glue or painting. Further, their models often include extra details such as optional markings and decals, enhancing the customisation possibilities. Airfix models span a wide range of subjects and scales, and their kits have been a gateway into the hobby for generations of model makers.

  • What Tools Are Needed for Assembling a Plastic Model Kit?

    Assembling a plastic model kit typically requires a few basic tools, including a set of precision knives for cutting and shaping parts, sandpaper for smoothing rough edges, a pair of tweezers for handling small components, plastic glue for assembly, and paints for detailing. It also helps to have a cutting mat or a dedicated workspace to keep your tools organised.

  • What is the Significance of Scale in Model Kits?

    Scale is an important factor that determines the size and level of detail in model kits. Some standard scales include 1/24, 1/48, and 1/76. The scale represents the ratio between the model and the real-life object. Smaller scales allow for more intricate details, while larger scares offer easier assembly and painting. Additionally, scale compatibility is important if you plan to build dioramas or display multiple models together. Understanding the significance of scale helps you choose the right kit that fits your desired level of detail and display preferences.

  • Are There Model Kits Suitable for Beginners?

    Absolutely, several brands offer model kits that are friendly for beginners. These kits typically feature simplified assembly processes, fewer parts, and comprehensive instructions to clearly guide newcomers throughout the building process. Beginner-friendly kits often cover a range of subjects, from cars to aeroplanes to figures and dioramas. By starting with these kits, beginners can gradually develop their skills and confidence while enjoying the rewarding experience of model-making.