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With LEGO DUPLO your child has endless possibilities! This pre-school building range is for children under 6 years old.


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LEGO Duplo Airplane & Airport Building Set
£19.99 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Alphabet Truck Building Set
£19.93 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Animal Train Building Set
£14.99 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Classic Brick Box (65 Piece)
£19.99 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Classic Deluxe Brick Box (85 Piece)
£33.33 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Doctor Visit Building Set
£14.99 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Horse Stable and Pony Care Building Set
£19.99 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse Building Set
£42.49 (ex. VAT)
LEGO Duplo Truck & Tracked Excavator Set
£15.83 (ex. VAT)

LEGO® DUPLO® is the little brother to the standard LEGO. Aimed at both boys and girls aged 1½ to 6 years, it is a perfect way to introduce your child to the creative and imaginative world.

DUPLO® bricks are twice the height, width and length of the traditional LEGO bricks. This makes them easier to handle and the pieces are less likely to be swallowed by younger children.

It was first introduced in 1969 and has been a huge success ever since. With the array of colours, numbers and characters it’s perfect for child development, and is lots of fun too!

DUPLO® uses day-to-day scenarios such as Farms, Zoos, and Towns, which enables your child to understand the world surrounding them. The characters are very important too, when a child takes on the role of a zookeeper he/she is exploring how to be responsible and caring. All the characters and scenes within this range encourage the learning of such social skills.

DUPLO® is also great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Stacking bricks up together and creating a tower teaches the child these, as well as patience and determination. DUPLO® of course comes with its own selection of Starter Set Brick Boxes with the 10913 Classic Brick Box the 10914 Deluxe 85 Piece Brick Box.

Ideas & creativity is key to all LEGO products, and it doesn’t stop when it comes to the DUPLO® range. Children can literally build their imaginations and explore new and exciting ways. One day there will be a Horse, the next a stable and then a farm, or even a Dinosaur.

Despite their size, LEGO® DUPLO® is still compatible with traditional sized LEGO bricks. However, the figures are not. We have a variety of products that would be a great addition to their collection, and you can guarantee that the child will have tons of fun whilst learning and understanding key skills.