LEGO Collections: Fusing Creativity and Engineering

Over the years, LEGO has released a slew of collections that reflect a wide variety of interests. Some of these sets are inspired by big-ticket movie franchises, while others feature intricate mechanics. With additional LEGO minifigures available for purchase, people of all ages can enjoy immersive experiences that educate and entertain. Get a taste of some of the most popular collections:

  • LEGO Technic: Now anyone can dip their toes into engineering! With LEGO Technic, both children and adults can assemble exclusive cars, trucks, and futuristic models. Build your very own race car, or enjoy farm life with a tractor-building set.

  • LEGO Star Wars: Star Wars is more than just a film franchise spanning decades—it's become a part of culture. Become a part of the Star Wars galaxy with a range of themed play sets and buildable figures.

  • LEGO Friends: This LEGO collection helps inspire imagination and creativity through the lives of five best friends. Sets include ski lodges, horse stables, boats, and even an ice cream truck!

  • Three Fun Facts About LEGOs

    We couldn't leave you without a few fun facts about this iconic brand! Here are some trivia about LEGOs, taken from the Museum of Science + Industry in Chicago:

  • If you laid all LEGO bricks sold in 2012 end-to-end, they would stretch across the world more than 18 times.

  • It would take a tower of about 40 billion LEGO bricks to reach the moon.

  • If you count all the toy tyres in LEGO sets, the LEGO Group stands as one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world.

  • Engage, Learn, and Create With a LEGO Set

    Get ready to build, create, and have fun! With a LEGO Technic or Friends set, the sky is the limit. If you see something you like in our large inventory, add it to your online cart or visit us in person in Malton. The World Wide Shopping Mall has something for everyone - contact us today!

    • Answering Your Questions About LEGOs

      LEGO has a storied past, and new products are being released all the time. If you have questions about the history of the brand or current offerings, check out our FAQ to find some quick answers.

    • How many LEGO blocks are produced every minute?

      It's estimated that over 36,000 LEGO bricks are produced each minute, and seven sets are sold every second. That's countless hours of entertainment and creativity!

    • Does Disney own LEGO?

      With the popularity of LEGO Star Wars and other Disney-themed LEGO sets, it's easy to assume that Disney owns the entire brand. However, this is not the case. LEGO Group is still privately held by the founding Kirk Kristiansen family in Billund, Denmark.

    • What are the five LEGO Friends?

      When LEGO Friends first launched, we met the original five friends: Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Mia, and Emma. But as the collection has grown and rebooted, new characters have been added to the cast. Now, children can enjoy more diverse figures, such as Aliya, Autumn, Zac, Nova, Olly, and Liann.

    • Are LEGOs an expensive hobby?

      Although the price of a huge set, like Hogwarts from LEGO Harry Potter, may seem steep, a LEGO hobby doesn't have to be expensive. There are all kinds of sets available, many of which are budget-friendly. In short, anyone can make a hobby of collecting and building LEGOs if they have a sharp eye for deals.

    • What is the oldest LEGO figurine?

      The first minifigure, the LEGO police officer, was released in 1978 as part of the LEGO Set 600.

    • How many LEGO blocks exist?

      Discovering the exact number of LEGO blocks in the entire world is an impossible task, but a source from 2008 suggests that around 400 billion LEGOs have been produced. Obviously, if this number was accurate over ten years ago, we can add several million (or billion) to today's total.

    • Has LEGO Friends been discontinued?

      Although some LEGO Friends sets retired in the last few years, the series has not been discontinued. Since its first release in 2012, LEGO Friends continues to be popular with children, especially young girls.

    • What is the age limit for LEGO Friends?

      LEGO Friends sets are designed for children aged four and up. However, many teenagers and adults love tinkering with these sets as well! Check the box of the set you're interested in for specific age ranges.

    • Why is the LEGO age limit 99?

      LEGO hasn't given a specific reason for their age limit being 99. But many explanations from LEGO collectors suggest that such a high age limit is used to show that anyone can enjoy these popular building blocks. In any case, the minimum age is much more important to pay attention to, as the tiny bricks may be a choking hazard for very young children.