Choose your perfect style of Glassware for every Occasion

Glasses come in a variety of different sizes that help to amplify the qualities of the drink you choose. Within our range you will find:

  • Flutes: Perfect for Champagne and other Sparkling Wines as these glasses with a smaller surface area work well with carbonated drinks as it means less CO2 will escape and thus allow you to enjoy the fizz for even longer.
  • Gin Glasses: With a Copa glass being the most famous example of this glass. The large fish bowl shape help to hold the scents of the gin and allow for plenty of ice to enhance the flavour and keep it cooler for longer.
  • Tumbler Glasses: These are glasses that are designed for drinks built within the glass and not a shaker. Ideal for whisky, cognac and brandy whether you prefer them neat or on the rocks.
  • Wine Glasses: White wine is best in a smaller glass that helps to preserve the aroma of the wine. Red Wine is better in a larger glass that allows you to be able to see the colour better as you swirl it, as well as providing more room for the wine to breathe.

With our choices of glasses you will be able to find the perfect product for your needs of entertaining whether large parties or smaller more intimate events, with styles more suited for formal events or basic styles for more everyday use.

We offer from a great range with products from: Dartington Crystal, Ginology, Lolita and many more.

Explore our range and find a great deal today.