Harry Potter

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After appearing in seven hugely successful books, that have now each been made into films, in which his life has been depicted, the name of Harry Potter is as famous in our world as it is amongst the wizarding community. As a baby, Harry Potter lost both his parents to a dark ruler called Lord Voldemort. Turning his wand on Harry resulted in Voldemort chanting an unsuccessful curse and so Harry became the boy who lived.

Later, grown up as a teenager, Harry has found his powers as a Wizard and has joined Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, against the wishes of his guardians who wanted to squash all that nonsense out of him. With his best friends Hermione Granger, a very clever muggle born witch, and Ronald Weasley, a scruffy and clumsy wizard, he comes across problem after problem at their school, which they try to solve.