Funko - Everyone is a collector of something

Funko is a huge brand for us in our store, providing the community of Malton with a local stockist of a fantastic range of POP! Vinyl and Mini Moments products at an equally fantastic price range.

The Funko Pop! vinyl figures have taken the world by storm thanks to their undeniable appeal and universal popularity. These vinyl pop figures, with their distinctive oversized heads and stylised designs, have won the hearts of countless fans around the globe. Along with their unique looks, Funko Pop! figures offer exclusive products that add to their sense of collectability. At World Wide Shopping Mall, we’re proud to offer these coveted collections, adding a dose of joy and excitement to your shopping experience. Let’s take a closer look at the Funko Pop! vinyl figures we carry, including:

  • Explore the Wide Variety of Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures – Our collection of Funko Pop! vinyl figures cater to everyone’s fandom. Whether you’re a fan of iconic superheroes, beloved cartoon characters, or legendary rock stars, we have something for you. We offer an extensive range of Funko Pop! figures, ensuring you’ll find the perfect figure to add to your collection or gift to a loved one.
  • Collect Your Favourite Superhero With the Funko Pop! Marvel SeriesUnleash the superhero within you with our Funko Pop! Marvel series. These figures, featuring your favourite Marvel characters such as Spider-Man or Loki, are a hit among comic book and movie fans. Whether you’re Team Cap or Team Iron Man, our Marvel Funko Pop! figures collection will capture your imagination.
  • Discover the Funko Gold CollectionExpanding the ever-popular world of collectables, Funko has introduced the exclusive Funko Gold line, which focuses on quality and flair for enthusiasts. These premium figures elevate the Funko look with a coating of gold paint to add a striking finish that’s sure to stand out in any collection.
  • Bring Home the Magic With the Funko Pop! Disney SeriesCapture the magic and revisit your childhood with our Funko Pop! Disney series. These figures, featuring beloved Disney characters, appeal to fans of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of classic Disney Princesses or the modern Pixar heroes, our collection of Disney Funko Pop! figures is sure to enchant you.
  • Show Off Your Team With the Funko Pop! Football CollectionCelebrate your love for the beautiful game with our Funko Pop! football collection. Featuring famous football players is perfect for sports enthusiasts looking to cheer on their team. Whether you support Manchester United or Liverpool, our football Funko Pop! figures collection will surely score a goal in your heart.
  • Jam Out With the Funko Pop! Rocks SeriesRock on with our Funko Pop! rocks series. Featuring iconic music legends and rock stars, they are a hit among music fans everywhere. Whether you’re a fan of The Beatles or Rolling Stones, our collection of Rock Funko Pop! will look great in your collection.

All of the products available to purchase on our website are also available for purchase from The Lanes - Our Shopping Mall in Malton, UK

  • What is Unique About Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures?

    Funko Pop! vinyl figures are renowned for their distinct style, characterised by large, square heads with tiny bodies, which create a whimsical and instantly recognisable appearance. These collectables are excellent representations of the vast expanse of pop culture, from film and television to sports and history, creating a distinct connection with fans of all ages.

  • What is the Funko Gold Line, and What Does it Offer?

    The Funko Gold line is a premium series offering higher detail and quality figures. These collectables come in unique poses and feature music and sports icons, designed to stand out as a more exclusive piece of someone’s Funko collection. They’re often sought after by dedicated collectors.

  • Are There Limited Edition Funko Pop! Disney Figures?

    Absolutely! There are several limited edition Funko Pop! Disney figures that are highly sought after. These are often released alongside special events, anniversaries, or select retailer exclusives and can be recognisable by unique designs or different colour schemes from the standard models. Disney also offers specific Disney park exclusive Funko Pops!, making them an exciting challenge to find.

  • What Characters Are Featured in the Funko Pop! Marvel Series?

    The Funko Pop! Marvel series boasts a diverse cast of characters from the Marvel Universe. They feature iconic heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America alongside villains such as Thanos and Loki. This series is continuously expanding, including characters from recent films and television series, ensuring you can collect all of your favourite Marvel personas.

  • How Do Funko Pop! Figures Differ From Traditional Collectibles?

    Funko Pop! figures differ from traditional collectables with their stylised aesthetic and broad accessibility. Traditional collectables strive for realistic depictions and are often limited in production. At the same time, Funko Pops! are found in most stores and cover an extensive range of characters and themes, making them popular with mainstream audiences.

  • What Makes Funko Gold Unique Among Funko Pop! Collections?

    Funko Gold sets itself apart, focusing on notable figures from music and sports rather than the broad array of pop culture characters found in other Funko Pop! lines. The Funko Gold collection is notable for its attention to detail, premium packaging, and selectivity in terms of the personalities portrayed, making it an exclusive step in the market.