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This must be the place to be! The town of Pontypandy is the home of Fireman Sam and it's where all the action takes place!

There is plenty to keep the team busy here. If it's not naughty Norman Price leading the twins, Sarah and James, into trouble and dangerous situations, then it's Charlie Jones getting lost at sea. But don't worry because there's always someone ready to save the day!

Meet the team:- Fireman Sam is the number 1 hero. He is extremely brave and everyone can depend on him no matter what the time of the day. Especially as he is armed with Pontypandy Fire Station's pride and joy, Jupiter.

Tom is based on the lower slopes of Pontypandy's mountain range and is always on the watch for anyone whom may need his help, bounding into action as he has 2 rescue vehicles. The helicopter is Tom's favourite vehicle and is for all those very risky rescues that must be done. He also has a 4x4 that can drive over any rough and dangerous terrain.

Next up is Elvis. He is the fire station cook who is always ready with a fabulous meal to feed the team, keeping them strong and ready for action. He also enjoys a bit of rock and roll and is often seen grooving to it whilst he cooks! Then there is Penny, the only female fire-fighter in Pontypandy. She is also trained as a coast guard and she enjoys driving both Neptune and Venus.

Penny is a fitness fanatic and is always hiking, running and abseiling.

Ooooo we nearly forgot, Station Officer Steele, the senior officer at Pontypandy's fire station. If you are ever lucky enough to work with him just remember to ALWAYS follow the rules! That's his favourite thing to do.

Nurse Flood and her Ambulance are another valuable asset to the team. She is cool, calm and efficient, letting nothing phase her even when she arrives at some of the biggest disasters. This is just as well, as she's married to Mike Flood who seems to be very accident-prone!

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