Our Favourite Emma Bridgewater Designs

In the four decades since Emma Bridgewater began production, countless designs have been released. Some designs feature intricate animals, while others show simple repeating patterns. Whatever your preference, you'll find a design for you in our product selection. Be sure to check out these items and designs:

  • Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts: The Pink Hearts design, renowned for its cheerful and optimistic vibe, has emerged as a cherished favourite in numerous households. Combine your Pink Hearts selection with our Flowers Collection to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.
  • Emma Bridgewater Black Toast: Black toast is among Emma Bridgewater's most recognisable designs. The bold lettering stands out against a stark eggshell background and provides an elevated yet whimsical style. Take your pick from serving trays, caddies, biscuit barrels, coasters, and more.
  • Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot: This cheery design fits well in kitchens of all styles. The polka dot collection features serving trays, storage tins, oven gloves, aprons, and travel cups, among many other products.
    • Where does the name Emma Bridgewater comes from?

      You may wonder where the name Emma Bridgewater comes from – well it’s quite simple really – it is the name of one of the founders. Emma (nee Bridgewater) and Matthew Rice, her husband, own and run the company which produces this delightful range of pottery. They design and work together on the patterns that we all know and love, a real family affair.

    • Can you Name all the Emma Bridgewater Designs?

      To Name but a few! All Creatures, Aconites, Bird Families, Biscuits, Black Toast, Blossom, Blue Daisy, Blue Star, Bumblebee, Buttercup, Butterflies and Bugs, Cats, Christmas, Dogs, Game Birds, Flowers, Forget Me Not, Fruit, Daffodils, Men at Work, Oak, Pink Hearts, Polka Dot, Pink Roses, Chickens, Strawberries, Tulips, Vegetable and Winter Scene.

    • Is Emma Bridgewater oven-proof?

      Emma Bridgewater ceramics are not oven-proof, and you should avoid using them in the oven unless they are advertised as 'cookware'.

    • Is Emma Bridgewater pottery made in the UK?

      Yes! Emma Bridgewater pottery is proudly made in the UK in Stoke-on-Trent, England. It's one of the largest pottery manufacturers, with operations entirely in the United Kingdom.

    • How Did the Emma Bridgwater Brand Start?

      It all started when Emma struggled to find a birthday present for her mum, from whom her design inspiration first started. She wanted to find something less formal than a stiff looking bone china dinner service, something more relaxed and liked colourful Italian terracotta pieces but these weren’t right nor tough enough for everyday use, so in a ‘light bulb’ moment she decided to design something herself. With her entrepreneurial spirit behind her she soon had samples to showcase to buyers and the rest, as they say, is history.

    • Can you put Emma Bridgewater in the microwave?

      We do not recommend putting Emma Bridgewater products in the microwave. The brand's pottery is not safe for the microwave unless it is marked 'cookware'.

    • Can you put Emma Bridgewater in the dishwasher?

      All Emma Bridgewater pottery is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend using the dishwasher at a lower temperature with liquid detergent to maintain the product's high quality.

    • Why did Emma Bridgewater start making ceramics?

      Emma Bridgewater began making ceramics when she couldn't find the perfect birthday gift for her mother. She was talking with a friend when they told her about Stoke-on-Trent, the place that would eventually be home to Emma Bridgewater's factory. In the decades since, the brand's products have inspired and sparked joy in people across the UK.