Shop Our Wide Range of Dolls

There is no shortage of options when it comes to dolls, accessories, and soft toys. Every child is different, and our variety of products reflects their diverse range of wants. Here's an overview of the items you can expect at World Wide Shopping Mall:

  • Baby Dolls: Baby dolls are a great way to teach young children social skills like compassion and empathy. Before long, they learn to nurture their new companion, all while having lots of fun.
  • Doll Accessories: Accessories make playing with dolls even more fun. Our collection features doll accessories for Baby Annabell and BABY Born.
  • Doll Houses and Playsets: Set your child up for hours of play with a high-quality dollhouse. Choose from Gabby's Purrfect Dollhouse and several Polly Pocket sets. Complete the collection with additional figures.
  • Fashion Dolls: Is your child a Barbie girl? Our selection of fashion dolls includes all kinds of Barbies, as well as Chelsea, Skipper, and Ken.
  • Prams and Pushchairs: Take playing with baby dolls to the next level by getting your child a pram or pushchair. These accessories bring the experience of caring for a baby to life!
  • Soft Toys: Snuggle up with one of our soft toys! You'll have your pick from standard plushes and deluxe releases.

  • Are you feeling lost in the variety of dolls and soft toys? Not to worry—our team has compiled the answers to some frequently asked questions to make your purchase decision easier.

    • When should you get a baby doll?

      You can get a baby doll for your child at any time. We recommend starting with a soft doll around their first birthday. At the end of the day, it's up to your discretion whether your child is ready for a baby doll to cuddle and care for.

    • How does a BABY Born work?

      BABY Born performs all of its functions without battery power! The doll opens and closes its eyes depending on how you rotate it, and you can manipulate the doll to drink from a bottle, wet its nappy, and go to sleep.

    • What is the name of the purple-haired Barbie doll?

      Over the years, there have been lots of purple-haired Barbie dolls. Currently, you can find fashion dolls, mermaids, fairies, and princesses with violet locks.

    • What age is a pushchair suitable for?

      Play pushchairs are suitable for any child old enough to walk. Use your discretion on whether their walking skills are good enough to be able to push something along as well.

    • How do you clean an airbrush plush?

      We recommend using a soft cloth and warm water to clean your airbrush plush. Once it dries, your child can apply a brand-new design!