Our Range of Dartington Crystal Glassware at WWSM

Over the years, Dartington Crystal has become synonymous with fine quality and luxury. Their glassware has adorned homes, been cherished as gifts, and enjoyed by wine connoisseurs worldwide. WWSM proudly offers numerous products from the brand, including:

  • Dartington Crystal Wine Glasses: Wine glasses are a staple of Dartington's collection. On our shelves, you'll find a vast array of products, from classic brandy glasses to tropical margarita glasses.
  • Dartington Crystal Tumblers: Get more for less when you purchase a set of four Dartington Crystal Tumblers. Each tumbler is crafted using traditional techniques, and no two items are exactly alike.
  • Dartington Port Glasses: Bring the elegance of traditional wine glasses to the table. Dartington's port glasses are made from lead-free crystal and boast brilliant clarity. After dinner, you can easily wash them in the dishwasher.
    • Is Dartington Crystal good quality?

      Dartington Crystal is known for their high-quality crystal and glassware. Over the years, countless customers have expressed satisfaction with the design and detail of Dartington Crystal products, praising their elegance and functionality. You can always rely on Dartington Crystal to produce exceptional quality.

    • Is Dartington Crystal lead-free?

      Some Dartington sherry glasses and similar products are made from lead-free crystal. Nevertheless, other glasses use 24% lead crystal.

    • Can you put Dartington glass in the dishwasher?

      The majority of Dartington crystal wine glasses can be washed in the dishwasher. However, you should always take special care when loading them into the machine. Be careful with placement to avoid cracks and chips, and use a low-temperature washing cycle. For specific product guidelines, always check the packaging or online product pages.

    • How do you clean Dartington Crystal?

      Dartington gives specific instructions on how to clean your glassware. While many products are dishwasher safe, you can hand-wash your Dartington Crystal wine glasses by following these guidelines: Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to clean off the glass, hold the glass by the bowl and dry with a soft cloth, remove stains with vinegar or mild abrasive, avoid washing with very hot or very cold water.