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Crayola has been a brand that is associated with fun and creativity since it was founded in 1885. As a supplier of art materials, Crayola has become a big name both at home and at school. Probably best known for crayons, Crayola also make chalk, colouring pencils, marker pens, paints and much more.

Encouraging creativity in children is very important for their development and the Crayola range is very child friendly. All products are safe and non-toxic. For children up to the age of four, Crayola have developed the Mini Kids and the Beginnings ranges. Designed for small hands these products will develop the motor skills and self-expression of your toddler. Did you know your child’s first mark is just as important as their first word? Your child can get the best creative start with Crayola.

Art is a subject in which there are no wrong answers so it is a positive activity for your child to engage in. You’ll have to make sure you have plenty of room on the fridge though! Your child will want to show off his or her pictures to everyone and to have their efforts displayed gives them something to be proud of. Some children may find a blank piece of paper quite daunting so you may want to start them off with a colouring book.