Discover Our Stunning Animal and Equestrian Toys

Our animal toys are more than simply playthings. They’re tools for learning and imagination. Each toy, whether a Schleich horse or a Jurassic Park dinosaur, carries an educational value that helps children understand the world around them. These toys spark children’s curiosity, encouraging them to ask questions, seek answers, and develop a deep appreciation for the natural work. Take a closer look at our collection of animal toys, including:

  • Explore Our Schleich Horse Series – Our Schleich horse collection is a favourite among enthusiasts and animal lovers. Each Schleich horse figure boasts a remarkable level of detail, from the texture of the coat to the muscular build. These models serve as excellent tools for imaginative play, letting children create their own stories and scenarios. Beyond fun, these figures help children learn about different horse breeds, their characteristics, and their care.
  • Exciting Dinosaur Toys and Jurassic Park CollectionsStep back in time with our collection of dinosaur toys. From realistic models to playful renditions, these prehistoric creatures come to life in the hands of children and collectors. The Jurassic Park toys are a special highlight, catering to movie fans and collectors alike. Each model is intricately designed, mirroring the iconic dinosaurs from the beloved franchise.
  • Learn With Our Farm Animal ToysBring the charm of the countryside to playtime with our farm animal toys. From barnyard playsets to individual animal figures, our collection captures the essence of farm life. These toys offer interactive play opportunities, allowing children to learn about different farm animals, their roles, and the workings of a farm.
  • Discover Our Exciting Sea Life ToysDive into an ocean of fun with our sea life toys. From colourful tropical fish to majestic whales, our range covers the vast biodiversity of marine ecosystems. These toys are excellent tools for teaching children about marine life, conservation, and the importance of healthy oceans.
  • Gallop Into Adventure With Our Horse ToysSaddle up for an adventure with our horse toys perfect for any age. From realistic equestrian figures to fantasy-themed ones, our collection caters to all tastes. Whether your child is a budding equestrian or a fantasy enthusiast, our horse toys will surely captivate their interest.
  • Spark Imagination With Mythical FiguresMythical figures hold a special place in the world of toys, captivating children and adults with their enchanting designs. These figures offer endless opportunities for creative play, allowing imaginations to run wild. From fairies to dragons, unicorns to mermaids, the realm of mythical creatures is vast and filled with fantastical designs to ignite the imagination.
  • Cat and Dog Figures Are Your Furry CompanionsCats and dogs hold a special place in the hearts of millions. These figures capture the essence of our four-legged friends with lifelike qualities bringing them to life. They also provide children with opportunities to learn about pet care and companionship. Through imaginative play, they can foster empathy and a sense of responsibility.
  • A World of Adventure and Learning – Our animal equestrian toys offer a diverse and educational range of figures catering to the curiosity and imagination of children. These toys entertain and work as educational tools, fostering understanding and appreciation for various animal species. Encouraging exploration and imaginative play, these animal toys ensure children embark on exciting journeys filled with discovery and growth.
    • Are Dinosaur Toys Educational for Children?

      Absolutely! Dinosaur toys can teach children about history, evolution, and the natural environment. They also help develop motor skills through active play and fuel their imagination, encouraging children to create their own prehistoric worlds.

    • Which Jurassic Park Toys Are Best for Collectors?

      The Jurassic Park franchise is known for its wide range of collectables. However, the limited edition figures, such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Indominus Rex models from the Jurassic World Legacy Collection, are rising in popularity. This is due to the figure’s detailed design and authenticity.

    • What Age Group Are Cat Figures Suitable for?

      Cat figures are versatile toys suitable for children of all ages. For younger children, they stimulate imaginative exploration and fine motor skill development. Older children might appreciate them for their realism or use them in specific displays.

    • Can Schleich Horse Toys Be Used for Educational Purposes?

      Schleich horse toys are excellent educational tools! They can be used to teach children about different horse breeds, their characteristics, and their roles in agriculture and history.

    • Are Jurassic Park Toys Suitable for All Ages?

      While Jurassic Park toys fascinate children of all ages, they are best suited for kids aged four and above due to the detailing, size of the toys, and possible choking hazards. It’s important to follow the age recommendations provided by the manufacturer to ensure safe play.

    • What Makes Farm Animal Toys Popular Among Kids?

      Farm animal toys are popular because they offer a connection to the natural and rural life. These toys allow children to learn about different species, their habits, sounds, and tasks associated with farming. By interacting with these toys, children learn about animal care and the importance of responsibility, all while playing.

    • Are There Any Mythical Figures in the Animal Equestrian Toys Range?

      Yes! We have an entire selection dedicated to mythical figures, animals, and playsets. These include animals such as Pegasus or unicorns, which blend the familiar with the fantastical.

    • How Realistic Are the Dog Figures in the Collection?

      Our dog figures are designed with a high degree of realism. They are modelled after various breeds, with a significant focus on attention to detail in replicating breed-specific characteristics.

    • Do Farm Animals Toys Come With Playsets?

      Some of our farm animal toys do come with playsets. These sets often include barns, fences, and other farm-related accessories, providing children with a more immersive pretend-play experience.

    • Which Sea Life Toys Are the Most Popular?

      Our sea life range is home to various popular figures, but the dolphin, shark, and octopus always seem to capture children’s interest for their intriguing features and vibrant colours.