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Airfix Military Aircraft Pre 1950



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Airfix Junkers Ju87R-2/B-2 Stuka (Scale 1:48)
£28.33 (ex. VAT)
Airfix North American B-25C/D Mitchell (Scale 1:72)
£24.69 (ex. VAT)
Airfix North American F-51D Mustang (Scale 1:48)
£19.56 (ex. VAT)

As the Airfix Military Aircraft range is so large we have had to split it into two time scales and here we cover the period pre 1950. Airfix themselves further subdivide this time into 1914-1929 and then 1930-1950. In terms of Aviation history the period 1900-1914 is said to be the Pioneer Era (not covered by Airfix current production) and the Golden age is said to have had a time slot between 1918 and 1939 which is basically the time between the two World Wars.

In the earliest stages of flight there are four planes which are focused on, each with a relevance to aviation history. In this earlier period aircraft were called biplanes, having two (hence the bi) fixed wings one on top of each other and early models were made out of wood. Biplanes structurally were strong however they produced a lot of drag in comparison to a monoplane wing. This meant in the 1930’s this particular design simply went out of fashion as new technological developments came through. The Airfix model of the Hanover CL.III is a biplane from the era of World War I and was used by the German Air Force and its distinguishing feature was that it also had a biplane tail which principally was included in the design to allow better firing by the tail gunner. Another biplane included here is the RE8 (by Royal Aircraft Factory) and this was used by the Royal Flying Corps, part of the British Military, in reconnaissance and also for spotting enemy artillery. The Albatross DVa is also a biplane piloted by a famous German who became known as the Red Baron following his successes in air combat. The British equivalent being the Brisfit or Bristol Fighter F.2B also used in recon missions.

Moving onto the second period of 1930-1950, this age saw a major shift in airplane advancement as designs moved into the higher power monoplanes. As such Airfix has a vast range of model kits available and we will touch only on a few in this summary. And indeed the most famous planes involved in the Battle of Britain have been extracted into their own category as they have such significance of their own.