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A Diorama seems like a strange word but simply put it means a three dimensional model, often miniature, used in landscapes, the landscape in this instance being a battlefield. They are used widely in the military modelling world which is why Airfix have created an excellent range which covers many historic battle field scenes. Dioramas are seen in many a museum to give visitors a real sense of how a scene would have looked and to depict accurately historic events in 3D. Thankfully Airfix’s diorama sizes are not too obtrusive which means they can form small scale model displays in your bedroom, study or hobby room. They are scaled between 1:72 to 1:76 and with a high number of individual components these sets are sure to delight any keen hobbyist and as they are skilled at around a level 2 they are not too complex to complete. They do however require painting.

These combined with the Airfix Airfield Sets and Resin Buildings will help add a greater sense of reality and detail to your Airfix model collection battle sets and scenes from the wartimes.

To create a RAF Airfield try using the RAF Refueling Set complete with ground crew AEC Matador Tanker and Bedford QL, together with the RAF Recovery Set with crane and trailer used for recovering pieces of aircraft wreckage and the RAF Emergency Set with ambulance, crash tender and critical firefighting team. And of course an airfield wouldn’t function without the vital RAF Control Tower. Other airfield sets included are one for the Luftwaffe and US Air force.