Bring History to Life With Airfix Model Kits

Are you a lover of history? Is model-building one of your favourite hobbies? If you said 'yes' to one or both of these questions, Airfix is a brand designed for you. Since 1952, Airfix has been producing scale plastic model kits for the greater public. Their selection includes aircraft, military vehicles, warships, military figures, and so much more. As the oldest UK manufacturer in the niche, the brand is known for high-quality products that stay true to the historical material. Airfix is committed to creating models that offer an escape from screens and spark curiosity, and World Wide Shopping Mall is glad to help UK residents get their hands on their outstanding products.

The Airfix Aircraft Range

There are aircraft pre and post 1951, military and civil aircraft and also Helicopters. You can find some of the most famous aircraft ever made, like the Dogfight Doubles set of Supermarine Spitfire and Messerschmitt BF 109E , Fairey Swordfish Mk. I (A04053B) and the Sea Harrier FRS.1 (A04051A) which most famously saw action during the Falklands War in 1982.

If you prefer models of boats and ships then you can find a mix of warships like the HMS Belfast (AA50069) and tall ships like the Golden Hind (A09258V) on the Ships and Warships shelf.

As with other brands Airfix focuses mostly on WW II, this can especially be seen on the Military Vehicles and Tanks page, where you can find the D-Day Operation Overlord Battlefield Diorama Kit (A50162A) where you can recreate the longest day, or the M3 Stuart ‘Honey’ (A1358) well known for keeping the crew safe from small arms fire.

We have a wide variety of tools and paints here at WWSM that you can use in the faithful reproductions of your Airfix model kits. Our tools come from a wide variety of brands including Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell, Badger, Master Tools and ModelMaker.

Airfix meticulously designs each model to bring history to life. Navigate choppy waters, take on the skies, and commemorate World War II battles, all with your very own Airfix kit. Here's what you can create next with this renowned modelling brand:

Airfix Model Vehicles

Airfix offers a vast array of civilian and military vehicles. Their quickbuild kits are great for beginners, while vintage classics are perfect for seasoned model builders. If you want something even more intricate, opt for an Airfix diorama or airfield set.

Airfix Ships

Conquer the seas with an Airfix ship! Whether you're interested in military power or historic grandeur, Airfix has a detailed model to fit your preferences. Popular ships include the HMS Belfast, the Mary Rose, and even the RMS Titanic.

Airfix Toy Soldiers

Call them toy soldiers, model soldiers, or military figures—Airfix has something for you! Besides vehicles and aircraft, Airfix crafts stunningly detailed military figure model kits. You might choose a U.S. Marine figure pack, or opt for an Airfix toy solider depicting Japanese infantry.

  • Are Airfix kits still available?

    Airfix kits are widely available in the UK. Feel free to browse our stock of starter sets and vintage classics online, or stop by our location in Malton to find something you like in person.

  • Are old model kits worth anything?

    Most model kits are worth between $50 and $100, but rare, old kits may bring in up to $1,000. To earn value, the kit should have yet to be started. Keep in mind that securing this high price is not typical, and you'll have to find the right buyer. Consider having your kit appraised to learn more about its fair market value.

  • Are Airfix models any good?

    Absolutely! Airfix models are well-known for their quality, attention to detail, and expansive product catalogues. The brand proudly features reviews on its website, so you can always see what other modellers are saying about the kit that interests you.

  • Do you paint Airfix models before assembling?

    This depends on the specific model you're assembling. In most cases, modellers recommend painting very small parts before assembly but saving the rest for after. Many surfaces need to be paint-free for the glue to stick properly.

  • What is skill level 1 in Airfix?

    Models with the designation "skill level 1" are designed for beginners. They often have fewer parts and less complicated assembly. For a simpler kit, try our selection of starter sets.

  • What is the biggest Airfix model?

    Airfix's current collection features several model kits with a scale of 1:24. Of this collection, the Junkers Ju87 Stuka has the longest wingspan at 57.5 centimetres.

  • What can I do with old Airfix models?

    If you have old Airfix model planes in storage, consider repainting and refurbishing them. You can display the revamped model in your home or sell it to other collectors.

  • Can acrylic paint be used on Airfix models?

    Acrylic paint is safe to use on Airfix models. It dries quickly and offers a vast spectrum of colours. While some modellers choose enamels, acrylic is generally the standard.

  • What age is Airfix suitable for?

    Skill level 1 (beginner) Airfix models are generally suitable for ages eight and up. Older children and teenagers may be able to handle more advanced skill levels but use your discretion at what may be too challenging for your child.

  • What is skill level 2 in Airfix?

    Skill level 2 is for upper beginner to intermediate modellers. These will have more parts and complexity than level 1 but are still appropriate for individuals just starting out as model-building hobbyists.